Thursday, December 4, 2014

Contrarian's view of working

I used to have a client who had me write "A Contrarian's View..." of many topics. Memories.

Anyhow, Stephan Pollan, author of Die Broke and Live Rich, is a lawyer and finance adviser.

He's 83 so may have picked up a thing or two. He was interviewed by Forbes Magazine.

At the center of a career--he says--is fear.

He says the concept of a career is passe, gone. Jobs should not afford you fulfillment. It's a stream of income. Employers don't care if you are fulfilled.

He also thinks people work for their supervisors, not the company. Companies rarely know who you are. Your job is to make the supervisor look good.

Talk to your supervisor at least once a month. Show gratitude for opportunities. Be passionate, especially if you are older. Supervisors think of young people as cheaper and more energetic.

Employers look at finances in hiring--who costs the least.

And getting fired gets you off your...ass. It's like a graduate degree in life.

He also advises you not to look too much like a job hunter.

Get some job while looking--it's better to say, I am working now but want something better.

I was going to say not to trust someone just because they are old--but all this sounds like pretty good advice to me.

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