Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Could a layoff be coming?

Is it possible to second-guess the coming of a layoff. Maybe.

Cheryl E. Palmer, owner of Call to Career, says some red flags of a coming layoff are:

--Frequent closed-door meetings of execs.

--Budget shortfalls.

--Reassignment of your tasks.

--Company mergers.

If you smell it in the air, first try to secure your position. Align yourself with the direction of the company, Palmer advises. The workers "not in sync" can be the first to be laid off. Be able to quantify the money you saved or earned the company.

If you do get laid off, expand your network. Volunteer to serve on committees--up your visibility.

In job interviews, let the interviewer know you were not the only one laid off (if this is true).

Be level-headed, hysterics are your enemy.

Regarding the merger clue--I have had people say well, the merger will create more customers and more jobs--but usually redundant people from one of the companies will be laid off.

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