Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How to be a better communicator

Jayson DeMers, a Forbes.com contributor, talks about the things good communicators do.

First, they get personal. This does not mean personal facts about them, necessarily, but can mean something that speaks to the personal life of the listener.

They stick to facts and don't just spew random garbage or start sentences with "I wonder if..."

They are specific. They cut to the chase (and maybe don't use cliches?). Say it and get off stage.

Good communicators ask questions--they fold in the audience. This does not include, "You know what I'm sayin'"?

Good communicators often ask others for clarification. Just say, "What do you mean exactly?"

And--they listen! How often do I watch a news show and the person being interviewed is asked about what he or she just said! I scream at the TV--"He just said that!"

Look also for the body language of the listener--are they glazed over, have you lost them? Do they look puzzled?

Do we know all this stuff--sometimes I think we do!

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