Wednesday, December 24, 2014

How to get back the respect of your staff

Let's face it--people will take advantage if they sense weakness. At the office, they may start taking long lunches, dogging assignments, making excuses, blaming others.

When workers respect their managers and feel respected in return, this does not happen.

But say, things have slipped. CareerBuilder has some ideas...

You may have gotten sloppy dress-wise...Set a good example.

Listen to your workers--ask for feedback.

Ask employees to take risks--don't toss them to the wolves if they fail.

Watch your mouth--the cursing, the public dressing downs.

Praise in public, correct in private.

Transfer your knowledge.

Stay involved with those below as well as above you.

But set limits--if people are becoming unprofessional and troublesome, draw the line.

That was my biggest issue when I was a "boss." I would want to be nice, egalitarian and I expected people to appreciate this and do their best. It does not always work that way.

Back Monday--have a nice holiday!

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