Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How to snag a great mentor

Scott Eblin, Govt Executive Magazine, Dec 5, 2014, says usually a mentor relationship evolves from people you know--you don't go out and request someone to devote time to you.

He suggests some ways to intersect with someone:

Volunteer. Sometimes a boss or person will say no, but usually they will welcome your help and attitude.

Do great work. Treat every job as a chance to do your best. Create more value than expected.

Be open. If you are asked to do something you don't feel ready for, be open. Mentors can spot talent--try to live up to it.

Watch and learn. Learn from the best in your organization, the way they appear, how they deal with others, how they handle disappointment.

Again, don't ask a senior person to mentor you. Mentors choose proteges.

I had one mentor in my career--and he was sort of a negative mentor--he pushed, mocked, prodded---I vowed not to be like him--yet, I did change and grow.


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