Thursday, December 18, 2014

How to tell your boss does not like you

Someone once told me ten percent of the people I met would not like me and would never like me. That turned out to be pretty true.

But what if one is your boss?

Bernard Marr, Government Executive Magazine, writes on this.

Key signs:

--The boss excludes you from important meetings.

--Micormanages you.

--Is inaccessible and hard to reach for guidance.

--Criticizes you publicly.

--Skips promoting you.

--Never thanks you.

--Seems to dismiss all your ideas.

--Stops introducing you to clients.

--Never emails or calls back.

--Assign you menial tasks a lot.

What can you do besides look for another job?

First, confront the boss in a nice manner, don't be defensive. Say you want to improve.

Document your successes and the boss's slights.

Talk to HR or your boss's boss if this does not change things.

This is a tough situation--you need to proceed wisely.

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