Thursday, December 11, 2014

People who say they are good at math...

..may not be. Apparently thinking you are good and being good are two different things.

One in five people who say they are bad at math score in the top half of testing. One third of those who say they are good are in the bottom third.

Still...this does not mean they are not good with numbers. Being good with numbers takes different forms. Those who think they are good, for example, stick with a problem longer. Those who think they are bad, are not motivated and quit.

Those who think they are "bad," may put off their taxes, pick the wrong health insurance--give up, basically.

Of course, they did a big study on this--what does "being good" mean and how does this test?

They learned there are variations in numeracy.One was objective numeracy--being able to work problems, predict answers, etc. Some were better at symbolic-number mapping used rough estimates, which were usually good enough.

There is more than one way to be good at math, they concluded.

I can always see if a calculation "makes sense." I will say to my sister, "That can't be right." She looks blank.

I think I am in the good enough camp.

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