Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Some body language poses to avoid

Did you ever judge someone by how they sit? Of course, you have.

Bernard Marr is a business strategy guy. Writing in Forbes, he has some body poses you may want to watch out for--in others--and avoid in yourself.

Leaning back too much. You look lazy and/or arrogant.

Leaning forward--too aggressive.

Breaking eye contact to soon--makes you look untrustworthy.

Nodding too much--makes you look like a bobblehead.

Crossing your arms--defensive.

Looking up or around--make you look like a liar or fake. Looking left means lying, some say.

Staring--aggressive or serial killer.

Steepling fingers or holding palms up--begging.

Checking phone or watch--we all know that one--bored, looking for someone better to talk to. Washington DC version: Looking over the listener's shoulder for someone more famous.

So what should you do? Beats me.

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