Friday, December 19, 2014

What if your company gives you food stamps?

I remember back when I had a "real" job, we used to have fabulous Christmas parties in hotel ballrooms, then one year, we got a $20 gift certificate to the grocery store. We called it food stamps, being (in those days) elitist little brats.

Some companies and coworkers do give awkward gifts. Be prepared.

According to CareerBuilder, there should be more bonuses and cash rewards this year.

But there is still plenty of the "creative" stuff. Most of this comes from "Secret Santas," who are assigned to give you something.

The oddest CB found was some Hot Pockets--what a gift!

Another worker got one chess piece...just the one.

A bag of chips wowed yet another worker--or a single serving of coffee grounds. Drink up!

And--one person reported getting a fire extinguisher--freshly ripped off the office wall.

Only 20% of people give their bosses a gift--just between us.

If his first name is Ebenezer, forget it.

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