Friday, December 5, 2014

What says success to you?

Howard Sandusky, Govt Executive Magazine, Dec 3, 2014, asks if you look over your career--what constitutes success to you? Your title? Your salary? Your home's value? An award?

Happiness is dropping in America--only 35% in a Harris poll say they are happy--2% fewer than five yrs ago.

He tells the story of a seamstress who would look carefully at yardsticks--they differed--some were crooked. She thought garments measured with a crooked stick would never feel quite right to the wearer.

Income, goals, possessions never really satisfy.

See if your yardsticks are straight.

First decide who you are. What should people remember about you after you are gone--or your company?

Make peace with your past. It's just a starting point.

Where are you going? Amazingly people can't answer this. See if your feel "right"?

Set your own terms. That seamstress only had $500 when she died at 58, but she was fulfilled. She raised a good family, loved her husband and five children. She knew the items she made brought beauty and joy to others.

She had selected the yardstick and she was secure in that knowledge.

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