Monday, January 19, 2015

Choosing a new career

I ran a mission at my church in DC--to help people find work. We told youngsters coming in that they would have seven careers--not just jobs--but careers.

Thus the expression, "Can't hold a career?" Well, maybe you can't or don't want to.

Liz Ryan, job guru, writes in Forbes: Twenty years ago, people ended up in a higher level version of the job they got after high school.

No more.

Some companies are "scaredy cats," she says--they demand industry experience and thus limit their field of candidates.

Career paths ooze and flow around now, she says. You may be burned out, there may not be any jobs---time for a new career.

In business, careers have many things in common. If hiring managers can't see that, then well, she says, basically, the heck with them.

As you come into a new area, see how your old ways of solving that company's "pain" can transfer to the new area.

Sit down and write about the times you had the most satisfaction at work, got the most praise, did the most... These are what she calls your Dragon Slaying Stories.

Read tons of ads--ask yourself--would I enjoy this?

When I was a freelance writer, I used to see jobs writing proposals--I could have done it but did not want to. Or grants--did not attract me. I even qualified as a govt contractor but decided I hated it.

Then try to get to hiring people directly--and keep your Linked In profile broad.

Sound impossible? It's not. And remember, you have have six more careers to go!

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