Monday, January 12, 2015

Colors to wear--or avoid--for job interviews

Debra Auerbach, CareerBuilder, says orange may be OK for a hit TV show, but it is a no-no for a job interview.

They did a survey--employers most often recommend blue or secondarily, black.

Black is associated with serious leadership, blue with team playing.

Gray is a sign of logical or analytical thinking (according to this), white means organized, brown signals dependability, and green, orange, purple or yellow, creativity.

Othr tips:

Don't go too casual or too formal--try to suss out the culture of the place.

Tailor your outfit--the shirt collar should not be hanging loose around a scrawny neck, with a suit two sizes too big or small.

Watch the wacky ties or giant beads.

Make sure your shoes are polished--yes, shoes ARE noticed. Wear a nice belt, not some old scuffed thing.

Clothes may not make the man or woman, but they sure make the first impression.

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