Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How to outfox the gatekeeper

You can't just call someone up anymore. That person will be "in a meeting." Darn those meetings--they must be 24/7.

Now the gatekeeper is not some snippy assistant--it's a computer. You may get a bounceback--thanks for applying.

Then silence.


Or you spend hours putting in urls, writing essay responses, and oops--it freezes--try again later.

Liz Ryan, Forbes.com, writes about this.

If a commercial site did this, you would can it. But the job sites know you will try again.

You could try writing directly--yes, on paper--to the hiring manager. Stay with me. A paper letter may sound like ancient history to you--but the other day, I got a response from a production company saying it was "stylish." They did not buy my script--but they noticed it.

How do you know who the hiring manager is? Try Linked In. Ask someone. Read news stories on the company--see who's mentioned.

And don't send the usual blah-blah--cover letter, res...Say something original. Maybe something like--I have used your product for years and would love to work for you. I told a producer I had watched every one of a certain show--and got a response. Again, I did not sell the script--but we had a pleasant exchange.

Your letter should describe how you would alleviate the manager's pain somehow. THINK!

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