Friday, January 9, 2015

How to score over more qualified applicants

J.T. Ripton (CareerBuilder) says recent grads or those laid off need to shape their skills around the job they want.  If a skill does not fit--drop it for that job application.

Emphasize flexibility and willingness to learn. Many employers value trainability as much as experience.

This author also recommends a T-format letter. I have never heard of this. Apparently, you divide the page into two columns--the right column is qualifications asked for, and the left is your experience that meets those.

Try to come off as likable. Hiring managers pick the people they like the best. Be positive, polite, willing to listen and learn.

Always talk about experience even if you did not get paid in that capacity.

Above all--parrot back the keywords from the job listing. Sometimes a computer has "first look." Computers look for matches, they don't "interpret."

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