Thursday, January 22, 2015

Kids! Monitoring their internet may make them worse

There are dozens if not hundreds of apps and programs to block youngsters from harmful internet sites or monitor their social media.

According to a new study at the Univ of Haifa, over-restrictive monitoring can egg the little devils on to worse excesses.

Kids defy parents and disclose personal info or arrange meetings with skeevy pervs.

Parental efforts were: (1) Supervision--installation of blocking software, recordings of sites visited, or limits on time spent on the internet. (2) Guidance--parents explained risks and proposed ideas on how to be safer. (3) Non-intervention.

The closest monitoring had the most negative results (495 kids).

Families with strong emotional bonds also had less risky behavior.

Surprsingly, the strongest influence on risky behavior, though, was peer opinion. If their friends approved, the kids were more likely to do it. See also--naked selfies.

Boys were also more likely to do dumb things than girls--visiting chat rooms, for instance.

As for the parents, they were more likely to use the second means, guidance, with girls than sons.

I say get rid of those phones--but no one listens to me.

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