Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Landing a job overseas

Matthew Tarpey writes about nailing a position abroad.

This can get tricky. But online networking is helping more people accomplish this. You can network with people overseas, break the ice.

If you have a country in mind, it's best to visit it first. Set up some informational interviews if you can--learn about work permits and other rules.

The application process in other countries may be different than here. Get your resume translated if need be. In some countries, say China, putting your photo on your resume is standard.

See if your local companies have overseas locations--start there.

Be ready to explain why you want to move. Did your spouse get a job in the target country? Is it just "time"? Expat hires are more complicated--managers want to know you are committed.

And remember--getting a visa can take months or longer. You have to really want this!

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