Monday, January 26, 2015

Need your "work passion" evaluated?

In the Nov-Dec Government Executive Magazine was a story by Charles S. Clark on how the General Services Administration (the agency which buys supplies for govt offices), hired Ken Blanchard, author of The One-Minute Manager, to do Work Passion Assessments for any agencies that wanted one.

This consists of his situational leadership development system (what?) with on-site coaching.

The govt loses 19,000 work years annually due to sickness, so this process improves engagement with the work process. It uses the new f-word, which is "feelings."

Apparently these consultants ask employees to express their feelings about work and try to help them cope better--without taking sick leave or mental health days.

It costs the feds $60 a head in agencies with under 25,000 employees.

Worth a try, I guess.

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