Friday, January 23, 2015

Should you throw down on your mean boss?

A study done at Ohio State by Bennett Tepper, prof of management and human resources at the Fisher College of Business, showed that  returning hostility from a boss can make an employee better off.

There seem to be benefits from reciprocating, in other words.

If bosses belittled, yelled, ridiculed or intimidated workers, the workers ignored it or gave half-hearted effort.

In other words--they were passive aggressive.

You can look up the design of the two studies in Personnel Psychcology, if you want.

Employees who did not retaliate--had higher stress.

Employees who responded in some way were less likely to think of themselves as victims.

They may also gain the respect of their coworkers.

But--the profs said--the key was to get rid of hostile bosses.

Oh. I guess that would work, too.

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