Friday, January 16, 2015

The long-distance phone interview

Rachel Zupek Farrell, CareerBuilder, says many companies will not pay you to travel to their site, even though they may be seriously interested in you.

She quotes Sari de la Motte, author of A Firm Handshake, about trying to make a good impression long distance.

The key is ability to communicate. Face to face gives you so many more dimensions. On the phone--you have voice alone.

But--remember--companies want the best people and those people may not live next door.

The biggest mistake you can make as an applicant is to think this contact is less important because it's not face to face. This makes some people slough it off--maybe even interviewing in the bathtub.

Instead, dress well, it will make you feel professional. Find a quiet place.

Prepare to discuss why you are moving to the new location--or would want to. Know something about the area.

Try to put a photo of the interviewer near the screen--this makes it real. (Check LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)

Keep your resume and cover letter in view for reference.

AND--always ask what the next step is. Ask how well your qualifications matched the need.

Say something like, "This has been a pleasure. I hope to meet you in person. So, I will hear something by next Tuesday? I am really interested in this position."

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