Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What you can take away from H'wood Awards Season

The Globes, Critics; Choice, SAG, the Oscars--the glitz may hold some lessons for us mortals in terms of our careers.

First, look at how some "stars" are snubbed, so-called. Do they cry? Not so'd you'd notice--they just make themselves more fabulous.

The stars keep at it. It takes unheralded hard work and grit to make it anywhere--no one will nurse you along. I am listening to River Phoenix's bio--he and his sibs played instruments and danced in the streets for loose change.

Do your homework--the stars do. They find out how things work--they ask, they observe.

Try to surround yourself with people who support your dreams and ambitions.  Remember, the stars are ALWAYS seeking a job, they get rejected though you may not hear about it, they are neurotic, they have doubts, they do stuipid things--they are mortal. But one thing they try to do is have people who respect and support them, even if they hire these people (managers, agents, personal assistants) or pay for their upkeep (think Entourage).

The stars also try to keep their foot out of their mouth, which is harder now with Twitter, but you need to try.

H'wood is a small town--a small industry town. The stars try not to burn bridges. But if they do--think Aniston and Jolie-Pitt--it is awkward. You don't want this in your work life.

The stars also keep their answers short. They do this because they know whatever they say will be recorded and remembered.

This can also happen to us, the peons, in this day and age. So wise up.


Anonymous said...

River Phoenix killed himself. Not a good example of making himself even more fabulous.

Star Lawrence said...

Obviously I know this from life and reading the bio--he was an example of doing almost anything to get where he thought he wanted to be. When he didn't want to be there when he got there--that is a different issue. Thanks for writing. I am sure you knew all this and just wanted to be difficult.

Star Lawrence said...

Also he died of an overdose in a speedball--not a deliberate suicide...You can make the case that doing street drugs is a suicidal gamble...but I would not call it suicide.