Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Why you may not get the job

Real ball of fire
Sad but true--somewhere in the course of the job interview, you may be doomed. Susan Ricker, CareerBuilder, writes about "fatal" mistakes applicants make.

Appearing disinterested. This is the top turnoff! Be attentive, make eye contact.

Answering a call or sending a text--even checking the phone. Turn the darn thing off.

Dressing inappropriately. See below...A collared shirt, dress pants, shined shoes, for woman, a suit or nice skirt and jacket. Maybe a pants suit--but be careful with the Hillary look.

Talking negatively about the previous employer. Stay positive. If you must say what went wrong, keep it short.

A weak handshake was a turnoff for 28% of the employers interviewed. Also--do not pump away.

Not providing specific examples of what you have done is a no-no.

And so is saying "no-no."

I recently partnered up with someone for a project--he came out and said he was the one--and he backed it up. The others did not show interest--or not enough for me, since I am insanely interested in the project.

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