Monday, February 9, 2015

Consulting as segue to retirement

I bet you have heard all the low-key insults--freelancing means unemployed, consulting means you can't hold a  job...Well, pooey on you--when you get older and have been through the corporate and media hoops, you do have kills and advice to offer. And you can get paid to offer it.

Amy Zipkin, NYT, Feb 7, 2015, says many boomers now want to work longer and are turning to firms specializing in placing temps or part-time in specific industries.

More than half want to stay in "their" field.

Sixty percent of those with a career bridge over to retirement with some form of consulting or part-time work.

One example is YourEncore, with consultants in the life and food sciences. One woman there goes into people's homes and watches them prepare meals or talk about their interiors.

Another placement is Work At Home Vintage Employees, specializing in those with insurance experience.

Usually people considered by these firms have at least 25 years of experience.

One expert described this as "the glide path to retirement."

What if you don't want to "retire"--which to me means do little but watch TV or read--well, then don't.

I switched careers--but not everyone wants to.

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