Monday, February 2, 2015

Does your body language make people cooperate?

Carol Kinsey Goman, writing on, says leaders need to make people feel valued, respected, and included.

While you may show your confidence by "filling" space, it might be better to keep your body warm and open.


Relax. Keep your legs uncrossed, arms away from your body with palms exposed or resting loosely on the desk or table.

Lean toward the listener or colleague. But not too far forward--don't violate the other person's "space."

Align your body toward the person. Even a slight turn away can show disinterest.

Mirror that person's movements. Nod, match their smiles and other expressions.

When nodding, try three nods--this can be a positive cue.

Make sure you look like you are paying attention.

I suppose actually paying attention would be even better! Don't check your watch or look around to see what others are doing.

Yawning would be bad, too.

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