Tuesday, February 17, 2015

From TV--who is your "work spouse"?

They share a secret.
Do you have a work spouse--someone who you can confide in and trust (just no s-e-x)?

Deanna Hartley looks at some relationships from TV. Do any sound familiar?

Jim & Pam from "The Office." They "get" each other and everyone knows it. They finish each other's sentences.

Jake & Amy from "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." She is orderly and the teacher's pet--he is a disorganized but good-natured scamp. They balance each other.

Harvey & Donna from "Suits." Donna may be Harvey's assistant, but there is mutual respect, faith, and trust. They read each other's mind and watch each other's back.

Neil & Peter from "White Collar." Peter's an FBI agent and Neil's a criminal/confidential informant. Peter has more power than Neil, but trusts him.

Castle & Becket from "Castle." Beckett is a detective, Castle a mystery writer who helps the NYPD. At first he gets in the way, then they become inseparable.

Mindy & Peter from "The Mindy Project." Work BFFs, totally. No secrets left to tell. No boundaries. They are all in.

Mike & Harvey from "Suits." The have similar penchants--for music, movies, and jokes. They are rivals in the legal arena sometimes--but "their secret" bonds them.

You don't know their secret? Poor you.

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