Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hoffice a new work-at-home strategy

Feargus O'Sullivan, Govt Executive Magazine, Feb 3, 2105, talks about a Scandi startup call Hoffice, which gathers telecommuters into groups that meet at one their homes or apartments, which then becomes a co-working space.

Everyone is in the same game, they meet each day to outline what they will do that day, and what might get in their way.

One such sounded a little ... dunno...restricted. All would be quiet for 45 mins, then a signal, and everyone would stretch or meditate.

There are five such Hoffice groups in Sweden, one in Helsinki, and one in Copenhagen.

Participants chip in for expenses.

Sounds good until you wonder about personality conflicts, people babbling into phones, weird smells of food cooking, client stealing, who will clean up, how this affects the actual homeowner...

I know--I am a grump.

But in DC--I knew people who threw in on office space downtown--maybe two or three people. They had problems.

The H in Hoffice could stand for Hell.

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