Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Is this a Millennial deal or just bad business?

As my regulars know, I often post on the attitude of Millennials coming up. The 411 seems to be they can feel entitled, are cursory in email manners, do work at their own pace, are not used to the business world, and so on.

I am trying to find a cartoonist/animator to partner with me in pitching a short cartoon to a major Hwood player.

The first guy I contacted, never showed me anything--it was the holidays, it was this, that.

The second one was "perfect." He had done work for Hwood companies, had children, seemed to think he was "the guy"--that he wanted to be "the guy."

Then came the excuses...He was sick, he had to go someplace, his whole family was sick, he went back to the same place...Seven weeks went by. I did get an unfinished depiction of the two characters in the cartoon--but never saw any frames of the storyboard. He seemed to resent my suggestions--called them "committee" bees. (They are honeybees.) Well, this is my work of 2.5 yrs--yes, I have opinions.

I am trying now to get my money back from what I realize was one of those freelance mills--like elance or oDesk. Bah! He has now lashed out, I am just a cheap client, my script sucked, and so on.

Soooo....that was fun.

I am offering a 50-50 split on the cartoon venture--a project I found (or found me) and based on my years of development.

Know anyone? Anyone communicative, honest, and fun to work with?

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