Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Musing on wearable electronics

Ryan Budish, Next Gov Magazine, riffs off on wearables:

One wearable he always has worn is hearing aids. Some lessons to be learned here, he says. All wearables fill gaps in human capacity.

But they need to embed themselves seamlessly into human life. His hearing aids do now, small, inside his ear canal.

Still, wearables create substitute realities. Hearing aids amp up soft sounds, lower loud ones--change reality.

And like all wearables, hearing aids will be governed by algorithms set by others--which you will never undertand.

Wearables will also fail and we may not know it.

Also wearables will record everything.

As time goes on--wearables will be more immersive, more complex, more difficult to trouble shoot, and will collect more data.

What does all this mean? Don't look at me--I am going to live in a cave.

Yesterday my computer monitor suddenly went black. I called three places in the Yellow Pages (very analog) and got bids of $150, $99--and then a nice guy said why don't you push the button? Button? Yes--he told me where it was. Of course, it was not marked. The monitor went back on!

See why I belong in the cave?

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