Friday, February 27, 2015

New job--new problems

Susan Ricker, writing on CareerBuilder, says a new job can mean a feeling of being overwhelmed with newness. New people, new projects, new conflicts...

Often you feel in over your head after a big project is underway--even if you are not new.

Look at what management consultants do--they break each big thing into smaller tasks.What about the equipment...what about the marketing message...what about social media..what about measuring results...

Sometimes you need to get guidance from others on the team--what is the first priority, the second..Don't be afraid to ask.

Make realistic commitments--yes, you have to sleep, eat, see your family. Put together a written timeline, don't careen from idea to idea, task to task...

Talk to your manager--see how you are doing, get suggestions. This is perfectly OK when you are new, and usually it is also OK and preferred by managers even when you are not new--they don't like surprises, either.

It's like the first day of school--you are not expected to know everything that will be taught.

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