Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New work pattern--don't go there

You have heard of progressive companies with bars and Casual Fridays?

Some companies take it further. They don't let work interfere with fun, family bonding, and freedom.

Take the Portland, OR tech company called Treehouse. They close on Friday.

The founder plays with his kids, reads books with them, takes his wife out.

Another place, BambooHR, a software firm in Urah is anti-workaholic. In summer--the work week is 4 days.

All this goes against the crazy Red Bull-fueled rep of most tech companies, where people never go home, or the company is housed in their living space.

One such remembers sleeping under the desk for 20 minutes and emerging delirious.

The theory goes that most tech startups fail anyway--so why sweat it?

One entrepreneur said you are creating universe, so why not create one you want to live in?

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