Thursday, February 19, 2015

Talking sports to fit in

Tom Blanton, in a special story to the Arizona Republic, Feb 15, 2015, says knowing at least something about sports can help you in the workplace.

Seattle Seahawks broadcaster Jen Mueller, author of Talk Sporty to Me: Thinking Outside the Box Scores, says you need to relate to the mindsets of of key decision-makers--and I guess the implication is that these are MEN.

Still, one in six Americans say they are sports fans.

She goes back to the axiom that people trust other people who are :like" them--in this case, sports fans, I guess.

She recommends the opener, "Did you watch the game last week?" What game does not matter, she says.

If they say yes, then discuss. If no, ask what they were doing instead...

See that last is where I lose the thread. That isn't networking, really--to say, or imply, "Oh, you weren't in front of the TV, well, what else could you have possibly been doing?"

I am a grump, sue me. Also--if I open with sports, it takes about one hot second to learn I am a total ignoramus--which is never good in a business setting.

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