Friday, February 20, 2015

Telework--more productive?

Here's a tip: Get dressed.
Does your company let you work from home some days--or all days?

The internet made this more possible, says Cassie Weber in Govt Executive Magazine, Jan 30, 2105. Online hangouts, video conferencing, and group work platforms have let scattered teams pull together.

Is this something you would like?

First, you will see more of loved ones--maybe too much? You may have time for breakfast with the kids, checking homework, and so on--but don't think no child care will be needed. It will. My child went to all-day day care at age 2. I know others who had babysitters upstairs--their offices downstairs.

Supposedly this lets you control your environment. Yes, you can gaze out the window at trees. Exercise can be easier to do. But you also need to cowboy up and work--and only you can tell yourself to do that.

The commute. No more freeway. No more stalled subways. No more gas fillups. but you need to put those gained hours to work!

And you may be lonely. This is why people natter away on Facebook or other sites. In one study, half the people missed the water cooler and went back to the office.

I never did--but people do.

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