Thursday, February 5, 2015

Toptal a boon to independent developers

In about half a second I will be out of my depth and my element. 

But I wanted to bring to your attention a site for computer geniuses to get independent work—it’s called

If you don’t know the technical name for what you do (and you may not, these descriptions morph around), scroll down the Home page to see a ton of job descriptions.

The site also has articles, such as one I briefly glimpsed, on how to build a “recommendation engine” to predict what your customer might like out of a range of options.

I think the idea on Toptal is to present yourself  as a practitioner of one or more of the development skills or master of the software—or in the case of companies, select a developer from the lists of descriptions of people offering their skills. These are also helpful for other developers to see how their colleagues present themselves and what they do.

There is a theory going around that everyone will soon be freelance or independent—just a blob of skill sets out on our own. I think this is somewhat exaggerated, but if you are in the tech game, Toptal may be worth a look.

Tell them I sent you. Although I have no idea what you do, I am sure it benefits technical dopes like me.

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