Friday, February 13, 2015

Use Reddit to back up use of OKCupid and Tinder

A good man (or woman) is hard to find...Mainly because there are so many choices and the internet, anyway, is a treacherous dating pool.

At Georgia Tech, researchers say many people use Reddit to find out how to make best use of other dating sites.

The forums on Reddit are key. Daters discuss behavior, such as unwanted messages, timing, and how to respond to various overtures. They also learn how to protect their privacy and photos.

Some people even learn on Reddit how to increase their odds on, say, OKCupid.

--Give your profile 4 or 5 stars to get noticed
--Create a fake profile to browse anonymously
--Scan profiles without clicking
--Share on Reddit response rates--how a private message worked

As far as Tinder goes:

--Men swiped LIKE on all profiles
--They spoofed their location to get more matches
--They tested which of their pix worked the best

Most Reddit forum users say boring generic profiles are the worst problem...the likes to laugh, walk on the beach stuff.

You know what? Go to a bar or check out the guys at church or the produce dept.

Old school, baby! Catfishing not possible.

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