Monday, February 23, 2015

Want no job regrets in 20 years?

Career choices keep on giving--happiness or pain.  Bernard Marr, a popular keynote speaker, says the jobs you regret will be those which:

Make you pretend to be someone you are not. Maybe you pretend to be a sports fan. Or to know things you don't.

Make you do things based on money alone. Money should not be the sole reason.

Think you can change the job. Unless you are C-level, you can't do much changing.

Settle. I tell my daughter never to settle. We try not to. OK or good enough--over time--is not OK.

Work 80 hour weeks. No one can keep this up.

Put friends and family last. Coworkers are not forever. You can feel close, they leave--bam, everyone forgets.

Micromanage. See working 80 hour weeks, above.

Avoid mistakes. If all you do is lay low and not make big mistakes, you are not taking risks.

Don't help others. Sure--you're nice, but a job that also helps others is also nice.

Don't value happiness--happiness does not come "later." You need some now.

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