Monday, February 16, 2015

Weird tales from the workplace

Matthew Tarpey, CareerBuidler, says 2014 brought some amusing work-related stories.

MOST ADORABLE RESUME. Or should I say, "totes adorbs"? A Lego version of herself...with the headline, "Build the perfect account service intern."

RESUME CHECK THAT BACKFIRED. Trying out for a college coaching job, an applicant invited the revelation that he had no degree--and a degree was required.

TWO PUNDITS FIGHT. I mean--fight--punch! Is this news or Jerry Springer?

DOCTOR SEXTS DURING SURGERY. He was the one operating! And speaking of--those Steve Kroft sexts--ick ick, I am off 60 Minnutesnow.

GOVERNMENT LAB EXPOSES PEOPLE TO DEADLY DISEASES... Yes, the Centers for Disease Control. Think they would be more careful.

PRINCIPAL LOSES JOB OVER MISSPELLED SIGN. Aw--probably dyslexia or something. Or else he's a dunce.

JANITOR GETS TO KEEP $80,000 FOUND IN BATHROOM.  He turned it in--total $100,000--and got to keep $80K. Not bad.

Some days, you just have to laugh. Hope this was one of them.

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