Friday, February 6, 2015

What early birds do besides eat worms

Susan Ricker of CareerBuilder interviewed some movers and shakers about what they do first thing in the morning.

Mornings are key to their days. They are are to mine--I am a morning person.

Tiffany Mason, CEO at Mason Coaching and Consulting in West Point, NY: Wakes up two hours before breakfast, does her workout, and then completes the highest priority task of the day.

David T. Jones, creative director of Third Street, an ad agency in Chicago: Coffee, stretches, doesn't talk or communicate for at least 20 mins. Scours emails for things he forgot to answer. Writes a to-do list for the entire day. Puts some good in the world--maybe a thank you note, congratulates a friend. Takes a deep breath. Begins!

Daniela Cuevas, founder and managing partner of The Spark Agency, a digital marketing firm in NY: Upon waking, thinks about the company and how to improve it. Does not check email right away. Drinks coffee, listens to podcasts, thinks about the business.

Jennifer Vogel, vp of Ethnotek, creator of ethically produced bags: Starts with an attitude of gratitude. Writes an email to someone she appreciates. A little yoga, say Sun Salutations, to wake up the body. Then breakfast for herself and the dog.

The dog. I was thinking maybe kids were not involved. No disrespect, but kids change all this "easing in" and contemplating stuff.

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