Monday, March 16, 2015

Do you ever feel like the internet is the Forest Primeval?

I like to have an internet site I can go to every day or a few times a day and gossip, compare news and notes, and snark and joke.

I have had various ones over the years and over time, they have disappeared or changed in character depending on the people who start coming to them.

Sunday a site I have been contributing to (or I thought I was holding my own on posting fun pix, gossipy info, snark, etc) suddenly was trolled by some sick idiot who posted dismembered body pix. The site owner was not around (it was Sunday) and it took a while to get them off, but in the meantime, a regular was trying to insult this person and I said she wasn't helping.

OMG! It was World War III--how could I say ANYTHING critical of this poster? The hate poured forth--they spelled Star "RATS." So clever. Apparently because I had said in the past that I lived in DC for many years--this amounted to thinking I was so "great." Also I had once said I felt like down-arrowing some horrible comment. Apparently down arrows are NEVER to be used. How could I?

Ths site owner, who is funny and a good writer, sent me a long letter lambasting me for driving away her regulars.

Needless to say, I am done there. She said oh, do come back and snark. Uh...don't think so.

Remind me why we like the internet so much...I am losing the loving feeling.

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