Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Grrr---customer disservice!

Can any company run itself anymore? I swear...I have a meltdown several times a week trying to get the basic services promised by American corporations and professionals such as physicians.

Nobody seems to know anything or get anything right! And they are LIARS.

Item: We go through the drive-through at Church's Chicken (we hate KFC). Twenty-four bucks worth of grub, which for that amount should come with a waiter. But I digress. Anyway--we ordered "a bunch of biscuits." Do they say how many do you want--they come in three and six? No--they put in one biscuit for three orders of food. I called and explained that they should have clarified this. What do I get? Excuses. "Bunch" is not an order. We did not notice when she reeled off our order that she said "biscuit" singular. Oh, yes, our fault for sure. So I went on the website to lodge a written complaint. It malfunctioned. So I called--and finally got a "sorry how can we make this right." Finally!


Now, my phone/internet/TV horror of a bill. I call every month. They lied up one side and down the other about what my bill would be if I switched to this company, which we affectionately call Century Stink, But now I have it and every month, "promotions" depart and the bill climbs--every month. Then the box went haywire and erased the recorded shows. They brought a new box and even though they said no charge--they tried to charge me $100 for it. I spent 40 mins trying to get that off...we will see if it's off come next bill.

If I call my doctor--they have this wacky screechy new age music that would MAKE you sick.

Every phone robot makes you repeat everything three times--at minimum. Then: "Sorry, I didn't get that."

Bah! I need a nap. This is turning me into a cranky oldster. Turning? Oh, never mind.

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