Monday, March 30, 2015

Making the most of a conference

A friend recently attended a huge conference in a distant city. She is a consultant and paid for it herself, so she had to make the most hay she could.

She has attended this same meeting for several years and says when she first went, she psyched herself to talk to anyone she saw, make as many contacts as possible.

Most of these, she says, did not pan out and were a waste of time.

So now she concentrates on asking questions of the "suits" who speak--brushing up on the industry and getting tidbits of info. When people hear her questions, they approach her.

She goes to breaknout sessions in things she is already working on--trying to get intel--rather than trying to spread out and get into every aspect of the industry.

She also talks to trade journalists there--they cover the waterfront and know the players.

Above all, being at this pricey conference gives her cred with her clients--and she reports back to those who did not attend on things that she learned.

So...from one who has been there and keeps going there...

In the day, I went to many conferences--I would try to find out ahead of time who would be there...I have a plan. That doesn't hurt, either.

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