Monday, March 9, 2015

One man confesses: I did not advocate for women

Adam Grant, writing in Government Executive, Mar 6, 2015, lauds Judd Apatow for switching from Bromances to Bridesmaids--men to women. He now produces Girls on HBO. Personally, I have heard Apatow on TV and found him self-congratulatory and neurotic, but you can judge.

Grant says many men are blind to gender bias--they don't take it seriously. I guess he is saying Apatow does.

He says his own perspective changed when he had two daughters. He called it "the daughter effect." He even said having daughters made male executives pay women better.

His eyes, he said, opened with that Sheryl SAndberg's TED talk about gender discrimination.

But, Adam, Cheryl herself was brought along at Facebook by males!

Still Grant did not bring up gender bias while teaching at Wharton.

But look at corporate boards--there are more males on boards named John, Robert, William, or James than all women of any name!

Now--Grant does teach it--or rather, against it. He says he considers it a social, not a women's issue.

Now, guys, you know some woman is making you look good--be honest. Pay her--lavish her with money!

If you are a female boss--the same goes for you...Pay for excellence and loyalty.

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