Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Think of one thing you could do today to....

Is this little guy a boring cliche?
....Jumpstart your career. Work gurus Dale Dauten and JT O'Donnell talk to a guy who says he has made bad career choices and is now 50 and feels stagnant.

Dauten points out that stagnation can happen at any age--even the twenties. Many are in this boat by their 30s of 40s.

If you try to reignite your career then you may run into "age" issues--Dauten says so what, forget it.

You just have to work harder.

Get refreshers or new training.

Learn how to relate to and network with younger people.

Research your industry even if you've been it for years. Subscribe to the paper--read the biz sections.

Go to conferences if you can.

Get a new wardrobe or a couple of items.

And my advice is do one thing a day--just one--to blast through the glums and stagnation. Call someone, write a memo on an idea, ask someone to lunch, something...

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