Friday, March 6, 2015

We need a better "snow day" deal

When my daughter was young, I remember the giddy hours in the morning when snow was falling in Washington, DC--would school be closed? She would snuggle in bed with her radio waiting, waiting, then BAM! St Anne's was closed! Yay!

Suddenly she was infused with energy--racing around the apt--a long day was coming. Even though I worked at home, I needed some quiet and peace. I would try to get her to walk or run in the halls--no way! It was TV all day!

Now with this warming or cooling (who knows) stuff, the snow is blanketing back east. In Boston, kids have missed nine to 11 days. Detroit is one day from it's allowed maximum of missed days.

Parents freak out, trying to find child care.

The districts are trying to make up the lost days. In Salem Mass, students and teachers have to come in for two days of Spring Break. Other areas are adding days to the end of the term. Some kids will go to school on Good Friday. Still other areas are lengthening the days.

Or--kids must WORK from home--with by going online or using "blizzard bags" of worksheets.

Aw, what fun is that?

I am kidding--I approve. These kids are so undereducated as it is. Watching The Price is Right all day is hardly educational.

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