Thursday, March 12, 2015

What do you know about senior management

Debra Auerbach, CareerBuilder, says a recent CB survey shows that more than half of workers have never had a conversation with the CEO. A quarter say they don't even know what this person looks like (real good researching there, people).

What are bosses like?

Well, only one in five wears a suit or considers this appropriate office attire. Eighteen percent even wear jeans or shorts to work.

Most bosses drive to work.

Eighteen percent are environmentally aware--taking public transport (9%) hybrids (4%) or walking or riding a bike.

Don't count on Happy Hour to get to know the boss--more than half of senior management does not drink at office Happy Hours. They often opt for soda, water or coffee.

If you work a lot of overtime--chances are the boss does, too.Forty hours is a minimum cited by bosses--32% work 52 hrs or more.

One in five say they never work out. The other 82% work out one day a week, with almost 40% getting in four or more days a week.

If you had a chance to talk with the CEO--what would you say? Here are some things people did say:

--Give me a raise.
--Offer more chances for advancement.
--Come around more often and meet us.
--Empower us to develop products and services.
--Fire my manager.
--Get a clue how to run our company.
--Keep your promises.
--Trust the people below you.
--The inmates are running the asylum.
--Work on your communication skills.

Would some of these be AFTER you had an adult beverage not shared by your CEO?

Just wondering.

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