Monday, March 23, 2015

Where does the day go?

Speaker Diana St. Lifer writes about time management.

See calls it "choice management."

When you let events manage you, she says, it's like a frantic video game--aliens coming at you from every direction, do this, no that, think about this, answer this...

Try to think of time as space to be filled with your choices and in the order you want.

Know your goals--finish a project, think of solutions, make friends, network...whatever it is. Each will result in different use of time.

Have a to-do list, don't jump from thing to thing.

Learn to say no--if something does not fit your taste or goal, bag it.

Keep checking your priorities--if you don't know which ones the boss wants first, second, third--ask.

I am a huge jumper-arounder. I need to do better.

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