Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Where else you gonna fish?

You know the saying--"Never fish off the company pier."

This means don't date people at work. But Matthew Tarpey, CareerBuilder, says one of their surveys shows that 37% of workers have dated their coworkers.

Basically, the idea is that people are there--you see them every day--you know their reputation--you see them at their best and worst.

What's more--Tarpey reports--in 19% of those who have done this, one or both people were married.

In three in 10 cases, this dallying led to marriage.

What would keep someone from an office romance?

39% said this does not work on a consistent basis.

25% tried it already.

20% travel a lot.

8% work nights.

Incidentally, women are less likely to date someone who has dated a coworker. Men don't seem to care as much.

All this is fascinating, but as someone who tried this ill-advised behavior--expect the unexpected. All I am saying.

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