Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Workforce a'changin'

According to CareerBuilder, the workforce is changing in this country.

--Women make up a greater percentage. In 2014, women made up 49%, compared with 48% in 2001.

--Men are branching into other professions (such as pharmacy and physical therapy)--gaining share in 79% of all occupations.

--Jobs with a high concentration of men still pay more, on average.  $25.49 median hourly for men, five bucks less for women.

--Women are losing share in high-paying jobs.

--Among the occupations that lost 10,000 or more jobs since 2001, 76% were male-dominated.

--Women dominate in college grads, not top-paying jobs.

--The teenage workforce is a third smaller than in 2001, while the age 56+ workforce is up 40%.

--Workers over 56 make up the workforce in 210 occupations--this used to be 86 occupations in 2014.

--Hispanic and Asian workers make up a greater percent of the workforce than in 2001. Hispanics hold 13% of jobs (2014) as opposed to 11% in 2001. Asians--5% in 2014, up from 4% in 2001. African-Americans stayed steady at 12%.

--Whites lost share--down 2% from 2001--to 71% of total.

--Non-whtie students also made up 37% of all associate, BA and post-grad course completers in 2013--up from 30% in 2004.

Pretty big shifts.

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