Monday, April 6, 2015

Am I geezing or is this ridiculous?

Useless opening in a door.
I mailed a check to my bank. Mailed--US Postal Service. The bank is four blocks from here, but we have no car and I am disabled.

Turns out the four blocks part is irrelevant.

I mailed it Monday--handed it to my carrier--and it arrived Friday.

Five days...

I was calling the bank, calling the PO. Finally I learned that first class letters take four days within out little suburb of Chandler--not to the East Coast, within the suburb. First, of course, they go to downtown Phoenix, then wend their way back.

The woman at the Post Office said they concentrate these days on packages--more lucrative. She added--"Some companies are upset because they mail checks."

Well, no kidding!

And I am not kidding either when I tell you what the woman at the bank asked me. She asked, "When you buy stamps, don't they tell you how long mail takes...Let me look online."

If I bought stamps someplace where someone could "tell" me something, I could get to the bank.

I asked her had she ever mailed anything. She...said no, never had.

So this is it, Mailageddon!

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