Friday, April 3, 2015

Are you a brand or a person?

Where do you stand on this trendy branding idea? The idea, according to Elana Lyn Gross, the Career Contessa, is that everyone can grasp people like Gloria Steinem or Amelia Earhart--their principles, their accomplishments. They are a brand.

How people would describe you--that is your brand.

Your values, your characteristics, your accomplishments.

The Career Contessa recommends defining yourself on paper--choose words others would use for you.

Have a specialty. Be vocal about it.

Write a short bio of yourself.

Create a blog or person website.

Use professional networking sites. Don't sully your "brand" (image) with side issues and unattractive behavior. Be honest about your accomplishments--who else will put them out there?

Say no to work, contributing, and other things that do not reflect your brand.

Do good work and stick to your values.

So I guess this is a brand. We used to call this character and a personality.

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