Thursday, April 23, 2015

Attention: New grads

OK, grads--time to write a resume.

Wes Lybrand, assistant director with the University of Alabama at Birmingham Career and Professional Development Services, has some pointers. (Pssst--you do not have to be a recent grad.)

You need to be focused, clear, and concise. You need to know the job you want and aim toward it.

Your resume may only have 10 seconds to make an impression. Ten seconds!

So you must tailor the resume to each job. Use the same keywords the job description does--for one thing, a computer may be matching and it won't try to figure you out. For instance, they may call for a "team player," so don't say, "worked well with others on two projects." Say, "I am a team player as evidenced by my two years on a six-person project to...."

Proofread! Get families and friends to proofread!

Yes, try to stick to one page--that is still the norm.

Ax boilerplate like "References available on request." Of course, they are.

Emphasize your accomplishments--not just the duties you faced in each job.

And I would arrange it with the most notable first.  If you went to a "big" college, put education first. If you interned or worked with a "big" company, put jobs first...drop education down.

And please, no  photos or physical descriptions.

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