Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Even celebrities started someplace

Of course, the actor waiting tables is iconic. But some of our biggest stars started "small" in other jobs.

Deanna Hartley, CareerBuilder, says we can't all be North West (offspring of Kim and Kanye)--who designs her own accessories at age 1.

Jennifer Aniston started out as a telemarketer, although she was apparently so bad at it she says now she probably never sold even one timeshare. Or else she won't admit it.

Nicki Minaj slung seafood at Red Lobster. She says she chased down customers who walked off with her pen.

Channing Tatum actually Magic Miked it as a stripper.

Rachel McAdams worked at Mickey D's for three years.

Matthew Morrison (Glee) worked at the Gap in New York and also waited tables.

Ellen Degeneres worked at JC Penney, TGI Friday, and other places. She was even a house painter.

Tina Fey worked at the YMCA in Chicago before landing at Second City.

Bill Murray sold chestnuts outside a grocery store in Chicago.

Jennifer Garner was a ballet teacher, babysitter, and a hostess.

Ashton Kutcher worked at Quaker Oats, where he swept floors. He also helped his dad in construction and worked at a grocery store--and Ashton is STILL an advocate of working and working hard.

You may be destined for greater things--or not--but seeing value in work is a huge plus in this world.

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